Wednesday, 9 October 2013

Eco-goals: October - use natural toiletries

OK, I didn't have an eco-goal for October, but I wanted to think of something, preferably something simple as there's other stuff going on this month (which I'll blog about soon). So, I took inspiration from next month's goal, and decided to look further into natural toiletries.


Now, I like to think of myself as relatively eco-friendly where toiletries are concerned. And I take various factors into account; for me, products should:
  • not be tested on animals
  • be mostly derived from natural ingredients
  • have minimal (or at least recyclable) packaging
  • not cost the earth
  • actually work
So, to that end, although I don't make my own toiletries, I am mindful of what I use. I use coconut oil as body lotion, I use organic soap instead of shower gel, and I use Faith in Nature shampoo and conditioner. I'm not perfect though; my straightening spray and leave-in conditioner are not made from natural products, and nor is my deodorant. I did use a Lush deodorant for years though, and I loved it. It worked well and sometimes one application would last two days. So why do I no longer use it? Because it stained my armpits a horrendous shade of brown.

I also tried using baking soda instead of shampoo but it made my hair horrible. And I know that if I were to persevere with this method, I would come out the other side and have luxurious, lovely hair. But I'm too vain for that. Bumming around the house with bad hair is fine, as is outside if I can wear a hat. But my job involves meeting and working with the public too much, and I don't want gross hair for that. It's not to say I'll never do it. I'd like to make another attempt, but will wait until my current shampoo supplies are a bit lower.

I also tried fluoride-free toothpaste but it did nothing but make my mouth gritty. I have since found a recipe I'd like to try though, but don't think I'll get round to it this month.

So, what the hell am I going to do this month, then? Well, my face wash needs replacing. I use an organic moisturiser but my face wash is run-of-the-mill as I've never found a natural one that I loved. However I've been reading up on the oil-cleanse method so I'm going to try a combination of extra virgin olive oil and castor oil (although I've since read that castor oil isn't the greatest as folk can die harvesting it, so some more research is needed here). But that's the short term plan that will begin next week when my face wash runs out.

This didn't seem like much though, so I'm going to try something else aswell which I've been putting off for years. Not really a toiletry, but I've wanted to use a moon cup for a long time, but I'm very squeamish and the mere thought makes me feel faint. I'm going to try it though! Let's just leave this subject at that for now....

Where do you stand on toiletries? Is it just about the cost or do you take other factors into account? And if you use home-made/natural toiletries, what are they and how effective are they?


  1. Mooncup - you'll get the hang of the "in" pretty fast. For the "out", let's just say get a firm grip, squeeze hard, and twist and rock it as you remove it. Do it in one motion or the suction increases! Give yourself 3 months to decide if it's for you. Good luck!

  2. Oh my lord, I'm far too squeamish to even see the word 'mooncup' without my stomach turning - good luck! I'm interested to see what range of natural toiletries are out there, but I'm pretty brand loyal so I've never bothered to look before, must get on that! :)